Contact and Report Mugshot Websites

  • 1.) Contact mugshot websites to request FREE removal with proof of court records.
  • (If they refuse to remove for free DO NOT PAY! a new website is likely to appear and ask you to pay again)
  • 2.) FILE CLAIMS-report illegal use of private property (your image) to internet crimes, major search engines (Google, yahoo, bing), the FBI, your state legislator, and any other applicable legal authority.


     (If they refuse to remove your Mugshot for free and/or you have tried reporting them to legal authorities with no results.... TAKE THE NEXT STEP and SUPPRESS THEM HERE:)

Publish an Innocence Profile

Register at to publish your Innocence on search engines (a presentable self image and a direct court record link to your documented innocence or lessor charge)  to appear on major search engines like google, bing and yahoo.

 Stop the false impressions now and let the public know today you are being extorted and you are innocent or have a lessor charge.


Publish Personal Profile Pages

Get 10 Personal Profile Publishings- Multiple web pages, not affiliated with your arrest, search engine optimised to appear above mugshot websites; pushing them off top results. 

To get started or for more information