Steps to Repair Your Internet Reputation

1.) Contact mugshot websites to request FREE removal.

      If they refuse to remove for free DO NOT PAY!

     (a new website is likely to appear and ask you to pay again)


  •  2.) Click START HERE and request an Innocence Profile"  or "10 Personal Profile                      Pages".


Examples below:



Before Posting an "Innocence Profile Page":




 After Posting an "Innocence Profile Page":

What will an Innocence Profile do?


  • A profile from will immediately begin to repair your internet reputation. It will appear as a web page that provides a factual court documented internet publication of your final judgment. This web page competes for ratings on search results to be discovered first; at times this profile may also push mugshots down and/or off top search results.  Now employers, reality agents, family, and friends who search your name on all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will first discover your innocence before ever thinking the worst of you.
  • An innocence profile on prevents private websites from blackmailing you out of hundreds at times when there are no laws to protect your internet reputation.



      • 10 Personal Profile Pages
    • The best way to get images removed from websites is to request free removal and report them to the search engines. If you need an immediate way to gain your internet reputation let us help you compete for rankings on major search engines with your own 10 "Personal Profile Pages".