Cash or Personal Checks with Bankers Card, all major Credit/Debit Cards, Bankers Draft or BACS Transfer are all acceptable methods of payment.


Our terms:

  • A minimum six month subscription is required. (One Innocence Profile Page or Ten Personal Pages)

  • Payment in full within thirty days of final result notification. ( We will notify you by the email, phone, or mail provided to us at registration )


We reserve the right to terminate the agreement and seek recovery of any monies remaining unpaid sixty days from the date of invoice via collection Agencies and/or through the Small Claims Court.

Returned checks will incur a $30 charge to cover banking fees and administrative costs. In an instance of a second returned check, we reserve the right to terminate the arrangement and` if agreed to, we shall insist on future cash transactions only. Consequently, all bookings and/or transactions and agreements entered into will cease with immediate effect until such time as any and all outstanding monies are recovered in full.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel this service at any time after required Six month subscription is fulfilled . Notification for instance, in person, via email, mobile phone ‘text message' and/or fax, or any other means will be accepted subject to confirmation in writing.

Termination of Agreements and Refunds Policy

If for any reason we do not perform the services as agreed, portrayed on our website, or via email communication a full refund shall be offered minus a 10% transaction service fee.