Dear Victims of Internet Extortion and thier Families, 

          I'm Robert the founder of FoundNotGuilty.info; here to help you gain your internet reputation back. I have no affiliation with mugshot websites and in fact I created this website to counteract the negative impact mugshot websites have had on innocent victims of todays legal system.


I was also a victim of a false arrest,  found innocent, and experienced mugshot websites using my image and false arrest information attempting to extort thousands of dollars from me to pay them to remove. These mugshots impacted not only my social reputation but more importantly my career and apartment rental opportunities.  


          Any person in the United States of America and other countries can stumble in situation where it may appear that they have committed a crime and then later found innocent or a much lesser charge. U. S. studies show an average 10,000 innocent people convicted each year.

(Huff, Ronald."10,000 INNOCENT PEOPLE CONVICTED EACH YEAR, STUDY ESTIMATES".http://researchnews.osu.edu  Tom Spring)


False accusations, wrong place at the wrong time, self defence, and a plethora of other reasons a person is arrested may cause a lifetime of humiliation by mugshot websites.


          Unfortunitely the issue is in the hands of the United States Court System remaining all arrests records, whether later found false or not, acccesable to the public prior to final conviction. Mugshot websites are opened by any person who choses to collect public information and images to publish on the internet and only remove in exchange for money.


Im here to help for a very small service and maintenance charge. This service will surely turn the table around on these mugshot website owners forcing them to lose money and extortion power. We will keep helping you until the laws change to protect the accused from being extorted online. If you were found innocent or not this is extortion that we feel you do not deserve, and FoundNotGuilty.info will help you.